Story Time

I took znurt.org offline a few years ago because its maintenance and upkeep was a headache. Add to that there wasn't a very solid way at the time to do what I felt like was a complete way to import all the data from upstream accurately and efficiently. I stopped doing work on Gentoo as a developer as well because I was naturally drifting towards other projects as well. I still love Gentoo and use it every day though.

With the distro having moved commits from CVS to Git, it makes getting logs, details, data, etc. from changes made to the tree far simpler, and less trivial to import and change. The previous methods were somewhat of a kludge, and mistakes in importing were time-consuming to fix as a lot of data would have be purged and started over.

That being said, I've started looking at working on it again recently (May 2020), and am trying to decide what to do. The backend code would need to be cleaned up, which is a fair amount of work. One nice thing about having had a long break on it though is I've reevaluated what features I'd like to use, and there's ones that are no longer needed or relevant. Also, the frontend hardly anything needs to change and it's stable already.

I'm curious though to see what other Gentoo users have to say about the matter, if it's worth the effort or not, or if it'd be used, all that. Go ahead and drop me a line.

Also, here's what the site used to look like, if you're curious: https://web.archive.org/web/20120621231415/http://znurt.org/


- Steve